Dedicated to empowerment of all through the development of critical thought.



We believe that the future advancement of our society is dependent on every child being taught how to think critically throughout their educational journey. By engaging our expansive community of writers throughout the world to volunteer their time to teach children that writing is more than just a classroom requirement, it’s a gateway to ownership of one’s life, we empower those individuals who participate with critical thinking skills and ultimately move our society forward. 


We leverage over 40,000 writers who are already participating in our weekly meetups to help develop in-class curriculum, after school activities, and free summer workshops/camps that that shape children's writing skills at an early age. By creating free, accessible, inclusive environment, students develop critical thinking skills while cultivating a lifelong passion for writing.


Every child deserves to feel they have control over their own life.


This starts with empowerment, which is rooted in the development of critical thinking skills.


By leveraging our network of writers across the globe to teach children in their communities that writing is a vital part of life and a way towards empowerment…


…we help ensure every child is taught how to think critically throughout their education process and help advance our society.


“Writing develops critical thinking, a sense of empowerment, and ownership of one’s life”

Rennie Saunders  |  Founder



Writing Partners was born out of a desire to affect the conversation of education around the world. The founder, Rennie Saunders, started this journey in San Francisco in 2007. As a writer, he discovered that by connecting to other writers in the community, he created a sense of accountability in his own writing project that caused him to advance more quickly. That first group has now been duplicated all over the world, involving 40,000 writers in 80 cities… and continues to grow rapidly!


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